Everyone likes a little nutmeg in their pumpkin pie. Careful, though—not too much.

As anyone who has read The Autobiography of Malcolm X knows, nutmeg can get you super fucked up. In a brave piece of Service Journalism, the New York Times warns of the perils of excessive nutmeg tweaking:

It takes a fair amount of nutmeg — two tablespoons or more — before people start exhibiting symptoms. These can include an out-of-body sensation, but the most common are intense nausea, dizziness, extreme dry mouth, and a lingering slowdown of normal brain function. Dr. Gussow said nutmeg experimenters have compared it to a two-day hangover.

"People have told me that it feels like you are encased in mud," said Dr. Edward Boyer, professor of emergency medicine and chief of the division of medical toxicology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Did you ever get fucked up on nutmeg?

Sounds like something a Gawker.com reader would do.

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