The New York Times is experiencing outages today, and it's looking like the anonymous hacktivists of the Syrian Electronic Army are responsible. Our own Sam Biddle just took the screenshot above when he visited a few minutes ago. And Computer security expert Matt Johansen, manager for the Threat Research Center at WhiteHat Security, noticed that during the outage that the New York Times' website briefly pointed to a Syrian Electronic Army domain.

New York Times spokeswoman tweeted that an initial assessment found the issue was "likely result of malicious external attack."

It's the second outage for the New York Times in a week, and if it was actually the SEA, which has hacked a number of media outlets from New York Post writers to the Associated Press in support of the Syrian government, it would be their biggest coup yet.

Update: Uh oh, it looks like they hacked Twitter's domain, too.

Update II: The New York Times writes that hackers were able to change their DNS registration by attacking their registrar, Melbourne IT, apparently the same one used by Twitter.