Early Monday morning, thousands of fans gathered in the East Village to watch a Kanye West pop-up show that never happened, because the crowd was too big. It was a problem big enough for the mayor himself, so Kanye called him up at 2 a.m.

Or did he?

Despite Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat evidence to the contrary, according to the New York City Mayor’s office, Kanye never called the mayor. That Kanye would call the mayor that early in the morning, proposing an impromptu block party to do an outdoor show for the approximated 4,000 people gathered on the street outside Webster Hall is a ludicrous notion. But in the man’s own words: “Call the mayor and shut down the block [garble garble] so we can have a party outside. I know it’s sold out already.”

Someone is lying here and it’s either Kanye West or Bill de Blasio—but who?

According to Karen Hinton, de Blasio’s press secretary, it’s Kanye. “No one contacted the mayor’s office,” she wrote in an email.

West’s publicist, Gabriel Tesoriero, declined to comment.

In the meantime, de Blasio’s office has jokes:

A nice offer, to be sure, but one that’s not nearly manic or grand enough for Kanye to ever consider.