The saga of Julie Chen's face continues. After revealing last week on The Talk that she got plastic surgery to appear less Chinese, because she was advised to do so by her boss and agent, the Big Brother host has now clarified that the work she had done was only on her eyes.

"For the record, I have never had a nose job. I have only had plastic surgery done to my eyes that I've already told you about. I do not have cheek implants, I did not take out fat over here to make my cheeks look more [sucks cheeks in, fish-style]. I did not have chin surgery, I did not have a nose job. These [teeth] are not veneers. I've not done my teeth. I've never even had braces. These are all my real teeth," she lectured the Talk audience, which exploded into applause because there is acceptable plastic surgery and unacceptable plastic surgery, and getting your eyes made less Chinese-looking is acceptable compared to all of that other stuff.

Anyway, the image used to prove Chen's claim of only having her eyes done is gif'ed at the top of this post. To me, it looks like damning evidence that she did have her nose worked on — you can see it slimming down before your eyes. My colleague Caity Weaver, who knows much more about woman things like faces, says that it's probably a case of a more nuanced approach to makeup application. If that's the case, Chen is beating her face hard, with drag-queen levels of contouring.

I just don't know. Did she get a nose-job or what?