In a press conference yesterday, moist ham and governor of New Jersey Chris Christie waved aside concerns about the treatment of a nurse, Kaci Hicox, who his government involuntarily quarantined despite her not having Ebola, by saying that she had "access to the internet, and takeout food from the best restaurants in Newark." But did she really?

Here is the full Christie full quote (which was immediately preceded by him attempting to goad Hicox into suing him):

"She had a tent inside. There's been all kinds of malarkey about this. She was inside the hospital in a climate-controlled area with access to her cell phone, access to the internet, and takeout food from the best restaurants in Newark."

In Christie's defense, being in a climate-controlled "area" with access to the internet is all many of us want in our humble lives (forget for a second that the "area" was a tent in a hospital). But, all due respect to Newark, "takeout food from the best restaurants in Newark" is truly only something the governor of New Jersey could brag about.

And, anyway, was Kaci Hicox really able to utilize her "access" to Newark's finest takeout cuisine? We decided to call up 10 of Newark's most popular takeout restaurants on Yelp to find out.

We spoke to employees at seven of the 10 restaurants listed. Here were the responses when I asked if the restaurant had delivered to New Jersey's quarantined nurse:

Agave Mexican Restaurant (4.5 stars) was closed on Tuesday, and the phones at Hero King Sandwich Shop (4.5 stars) and Felfela Newark (4 stars) were not answered. So maybe Hicox exclusively enjoyed Newark's top tacos, subs and falafels.

But, if not, it seems that Hicox—contrary to Christie's assurances—was not actually able to take advantage of Newark's best takeout. Whether or not this made her stay inside a plastic jail cell better or worse is certainly up for discussion.

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