This video of Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea performing at Chicagoland's Toyota Park earlier this summer appears to show Iggy barely making an effort to lip sync over her prerecorded verse. Is it as bad as it looks?

There are a few competing theories floating around:

1. Iggy completely missed her cue and didn't even try to recover.

2. There was a problem with her earpiece and/or her microphone was off, which threw her off. She played it off the best she could under the circumstances.

3. She didn't want to lip sync, but J-Lo was the headliner, so Iggy had to do it anyway. This is a casual "fuck you" for forcing her to go prerecorded.

Whichever one of these explanations is the realest, the end result is uncomfortable to watch—in a front-row video after the fact, anyway. Most of the crowd probably didn't notice.

Update: If you picked explanation #2, congratulations. Here's Iggy on Instagram afterward:

"Watching this woman do her thing tonight was beyond impressive," she wrote. "We had some technical difficulties when it was time for our song but hey, I still enjoyed the opportunity to stand on stage next to someone I've admired for a long time. @jlo you're the most down to earth diva there is, always smiling & a true class act. wishing you so much luck for your album release!"

And a Kinja comment from J In Chicagoland, who was at the show, confirming the technical malfunction: "During Iggy's performance of Fancy, she was fidgeting with her earpiece and halfway through the song she just ripped it out and placed the radio pack on her DJ's table to finish her set."

[h/t Reddit]