Widely despised pill price-gouging miscreant Martin Shkreli is mad at Bernie Sanders. So mad, in fact, that he could—and ostensibly did—“punch a wall.” Martin Shkreli claims to have punched this wall so hard that not only did he fracture his wrist, but there was even “one bone sticking out.”

Why then, with all this damage, does Shkreli appear to have photoshopped his name onto an already-existing x-ray that he then tweeted out? And was it all, as he claimed the minute he got caught, actually just one, very poorly executed troll?

Shkreli’s supposed anger was first incited after Bernie Sander’s campaign sent out a fundraising email referencing its recent refusal to accept money from Shkreli’s scumbag-scented coffers.

And that’s when Shkreli got mad.

Apologies—that’s when Shkreli got furious.

Don’t do it, man.

He did it.

Really, really impossibly hard, apparently.

Don’t believe him? Shkreli has the x-rays to prove it.

Or... does he? A quick reverse Google image search shows pages over an alarmingly similar x-ray originating from Medscape.com.

And according to Photoshop, the only difference in the two images is, in fact, the “Shkreli, Martin, 10/18/2015 21:32” seen on the image Shkreli tweeted out.

We asked Shkreli about his wrist over Twitter. While he claims that he’s currently “getting it braced,” when we prompted him about the similarity between the two x-rays, he stopped responding entirely.

After someone on Twitter sent Shkreli a link to the already existing image, Shkreli’s only response was “thats what the doc sent me IDK.”

Not even an hour after tweeting “wrist probably will never regain function so my MMA days are over” (which does certainly sound like a wildly unimaginative troll), Shkreli tweeted out this:

How is Martin Shkreli playing guitar with a bone sticking out of his wrist? Why are the two x-rays so incredibly, exceptionally similar? And is Martin Shkreli the greatest pharmacological monster of our time?

Hard to say. But directly after tweeting out the image of him guitar, he retweeted two other tweets from people claiming the whole display had been one big, bizarre troll.

In this case, “troll” does sound an awful lot like “backpedaling after getting caught.”But one thing we do know for sure is that, for someone with such an obscene amount of money at his disposal, maybe it’s time to pay someone else to do your tweeting for you.

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