Last week, a good ol' boy chef named Lenny McNab won the current season of Food Network's reality show The Next Food Network Star, which makes it a bit awkward that the history of a hilariously vulgar message board poster that appears to be McNab includes the proclamation that he'd "fuck" one of the network's current hosts "in the ass."

McNab's alleged internet history was first flagged by the website Food Network Gossip, which tracked down his apparent posting history on forums attached to the SiriusXM radio program The Ron & Fez Show (which runs on the network's "Raw Dog Comedy Hits" channel).

The posts—which have appear to have been deleted or deactivated but were sent to Gawker by a source—were made by a user named "chuckwagoncook," who identified himself as McNab in the below post. Later in the same post, he announces to the board's "cock sucking, faggot sticking, pussy licking, ass dragging, mouth breathing, knuckle draggin, keyboard jizzing, assholes" that he would be on the upcoming season of a Food Network program.

Now, it's possible that there was a fake Lenny McNab posting on the forums of a satellite radio show before his reality TV debut. McNab clearly can be seen on the episode of Guy's Grocery Games referenced in the above post and on his website he does identify himself as "TheChuckWagonCook." Of course, that seems highly unlikely.

When another poster joked that "chuckwagoncook" would be taking over for host Ree Drummond on her show The Pioneer Woman, he responded by saying that he'd definitely "fuck her... IN THE ASS!!!!!!"

That's right, he said it. Along with his alleged postings on the Ron & Fez Show forums, McNab also maintained a Photobucket account under the name "chuckwagoncook_2008." Someone was smart enough to scrub the contents of the account recently, but not before Food Network Gossip noted the following videos:

  • Here is a video of Lenny with his friend, where he says, "That's just the size of your cock"
  • Here is a video of Lenny shouting, "What?? Fuck you Twitter!"
  • Here is a video of Lenny smashing a glass and saying, "Fuck you D-Bag!"
  • Here is a video of Lenny shotgunning a beer
  • Here is a video of Lenny stuffing his face and shouting "Fuck You (not sure what he says, Waxbag?)"
  • Here is a video of Lenny sitting on the toilet.

The Food Network has perhaps unwittingly signed up its very own Larry the Cable Guy, which is really pretty great. McNab won the episode in large part because of his relatability to viewers, and what's more relatable than shotgunning beers, sitting on the toilet, and stuffing your face while shouting unintelligible insults?

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