Dicks: Many people have them and some people are them and some people are them but do not have them and some people do have them but are not them. Today, our challenge is to determine whether or not actor Jesse Eisenberg, inventor of starring in The Social Network, is a dick or merely has one.

A couple weeks ago, while promoting his new magician movie, Now You See Me, Eisenberg was interviewed by a young woman named Romina Puga for Fusion (a channel no one knows about that's "a joint venture between ABC and Univision"). The interview was painfully awkward.

Things got off to a shaky start when Eisenberg chided Puga for referring to his co-star Morgan Freeman as "Freeman" ("like you're on a little league softball team," said Eisenberg). From there, the two continued alternately half-flirting and 100 percent-hurting one another's feelings.

The whole thing was like watching a sword fight between two weeble wobbles.

Following the interview, Puga wrote a post titled "Behind the Scenes of our Jesse Eisenberg Interview," for the official Univision News tumblr page, in which she said that Eisenberg had "humiliated" her. She claimed she "'ooed' and 'awed'" over a card trick Eisenberg' performed even though she knew how it was done because she just wanted it to be over. She also employed many variations of the expression "UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH."

Now, the People are divided over who is the dick.

Some say Puga seemed unwilling to engage with Eisenberg and that her attempts to play coy (as when she refused to tell him, at one point, what was written on her hand) fell flat. Others say Eisenberg was unnecessarily antagonistic toward someone whose sole job was to help him promote his movie. (A few people are even arguing that the duo was faking the uncomfortableness to draw attention to a random interview on a channel no one has ever heard of — it's that palpable.)

Check out the clip above and decide for yourself. Jesse Eisenberg: Dick or Not a Dick? Defend your position in the comments.