Former Vice President and all-the-time warmonger Dick Cheney has been busy lately, writing insane Wall Street Journal op-eds and appearing on Fox News with his (failed senate candidate) daughter, Liz. According to Politico, this new spree of activity is just Dick and Liz being friendly.

From Politico:

... the frenzy of activity reflects only the public side of the father-daughter duo's PR blitz of late. In a series of private meetings and back-channel discussions, the Cheneys have quietly been working to repair their relationship with a Republican establishment of which they'd been card-carrying members for decades — but that was strained by Liz Cheney's ill-fated Senate bid in Wyoming last year.

So in addition to explaining how wrong President Obama is on Iraq to Megyn Kelly, the Cheneys have been attending private GOP parties they don't normally deign to attend. One of them was hosted by George Will.

Dick also organized his own "fence-mending" dinner, where he invited Republicans who backed Sen. Mike Enzi instead of Liz in the Wyoming Senate primary.

All this friendliness is to help Liz should she decide to run for office again, which at least one Republican not named Cheney thinks is a good idea. Steve Schmidt, a former senior aide to Dick and a friend of Liz, tells Politico, "I have no doubt that if Liz Cheney's ambition is to be a senator, governor or member of Congress, she's going to achieve that ambition."

Dick and Liz's social activities have not changed their priorities, however. Liz's relationship with her sister Mary is still monumentally awkward, and it's not clear that Liz has made any effort to fix it. (Mary, who is gay and married to Heather Poe, publicly criticized Liz during the campaign for opposing gay marriage.) Here's Politico's update on the situation:

When a POLITICO reporter told Mary Cheney he heard that she and her sister had "buried the hatchet," she initially responded, "Curious who told you that." Pressed to elaborate, she wrote that her response was "something I tend to ask whenever I get a vague [question] like 'someone told me' and it is regards to me or my family." She did not comment further.

Count that as a fence not mended.

[Image via AP]