Teenagers! They love their phones as if they are humans with real feelings! A German teenager, after accidentally dropping his phone into a pond on a fishing trip, decided to drain the pond in order to get it back. Not that he thought it was working or anything—he just really needed it.

The New York Daily News reports that the 16-year-old sneaked back to the pond after his phone was submerged because the fishermen he was with wouldn't let him jump in and get it right then and there.

Via the NY Daily News:

He sneaked back to the pond hours after the fishing trip ended — armed with pumps and two hoses.

He tried to direct the pond water into the club's toilet, but ended up flooding a parking lot.

This alerted police, who foiled his plan to get his iPhone back.

He was aware that the phone was dead, he says, but he really wanted to get the data back. You know, the good teenage stuff: "numbers, pictures, and videos of my friends."

The teen will be forced to pay for damages to the angling club that were caused by his attempt at draining the pond, and he still doesn't have a phone, nor any of his cool stuff, either.

[Image via NY Daily News]