The week of April Fool's Day was a bit existentially dispiriting around here. The warning went out for April 1: Remember, a lot of what the internet will be getting excited about today is fake bullshit being spread in bad faith purely for the sake of getting people excited.

Then on April 2, the New York Post hit newsstands with "Should kids do juice cleanses?"

Luckily, the Kid Mero and Desus were also around on April 2, so that Mero could tweet this:

The idea of Desus, a beloved pseudonymous funny black person on Twitter, actually being a white impostor was more than the audience could bear, or exactly as much as the audience could bear.

Everything is a scam. Trust nothing. Bots are humans. Humans are bots. White people ruin everything. Identity is plastic. Satoshi Nakamoto is not Satoshi Nakamoto.

And then this morning Mero and Desus brought out the first edition of their podcast to feature them on camera. Punchline: No, Desus is not white. The imposture was an imposture.

Please alert Susan Orlean.