Photo: AP

“DeRay Mckesson Will Not Be Elected Mayor of Baltimore,” partially read the headline of a New York Times Magazine profile of the famous Black Lives Matter activist from earlier this month. It provoked Mckesson himself to tweet that writer Greg Howard “used me in attempt to launch his career,” but today that prediction proved correct.

With over 90 percent of precincts reporting, Mckesson currently sits in sixth place in the Democratic primary race for mayor, some 40,000 votes behind Maryland State Senate Majority Leader Catherine Pugh. Via the Baltimore Sun:

Deray is a name brand. Though it wasn’t strong enough to win him the Democratic nomination for mayor of a major American city simply by parachuting into the race, that brand nonetheless sets him up for an interesting future, depending, of course, on what he chooses to do. Now Mckesson can start thinking about that in earnest—if he hadn’t been already.