It's long been an established fact that cats, as one MeFite put it, exist solely "to inconvenience humanity."

But it wasn't until last week that a video compilation was put together definitively proving that cats are furry jerks who hate your guts.

"Cats Knocking Shit Over" is a supercut that does exactly what it says on the tin (i.e., show a bunch of cats knocking shit over for no discernible reason other than that they're furry jerks).

Then again, maybe we've misjudged cats:

You guys laugh but, what if the cats in this video aren't intentionally knocking things on the ground but instead are desperately trying to pick the objects up only to be disappointed in discovering that they do not have opposable digits... Yeah, it's not so funny anymore is it now?


I'm pretty sure they're just assholes and would throw the stuff at people if they had opposable thumbs. Now it's doubly funny because those jerk cats can't chuck our phones and pill bottles at our heads!

[H/T: MeFi, video via Huffington Post]