The man in line to become the next district attorney in Brooklyn says that he will not prosecute people caught with less than 15 grams of weed, ganja, skunk, cheeba cheeba yall. This could be great for Brooklyn's brand cachet.

It's rather embarrassing, after all, that BK is allegedly the coolest place in the whole USA if not the world, but here we are arresting hip young influencers just for smoking a lil herb, and meanwhile all these US states out west that people in Brooklyn have never even heard of decriminalized it a long time ago. It's high time we caught up. The Wall Street Journal reports that Ken Thompson, the Democratic nominee for Brooklyn DA, said he'll order prosecutors to fine people charged with about a half-ounce or less, because such cases are "clogging the criminal-justice system."

Last year there were more than 12,000 such arrests in Brooklyn. And: "To fight one of these cases takes, on average, 362 days and several court appearances before a disposition is reached."

So, vote Ken Thompson, and never again be forced to throw away your lickle herb stalk.

[Photo: AP]