Murderous ISIS officer Abu Wahib is dead, killed by an American airstrike. He was a bloodthirsty killer, who both participated in execution videos and organized military strategy. But in death, we should remember him as he lived: looking like a big-ass shawarma meat stack.

Abu Wahib, a former al-Qaeda militant, became part of the menacing public face of ISIS on social media—one notorious recording showed him pulling over three Syrian truck drivers and sentencing them to death on the spot. Then, sometime last year, the image at the top of this post started circulating on Twitter, making the comparison between Abu Wahib’s desert camo fatigues and an enormous, delicious pile of halal meats being prepared for countless savory meals undeniable. Abu Wahib gained renowned for his menacing, Hollywood-villain appearance, but it was hard to find him so threatening once you saw just how much he resembled lunch food. The joke followed mentions of Abu Wahib, once known as the “Desert Lion,” wherever reports of his grisly command extended online. He could not shake the kebab meme in life, and he will not shake it off in death.

Goodbye, Abu Wahib. You looked, really, so much like a bunch of kebab meat.