Many restaurants in the DC area are offering "shutdown specials" to furloughed employees so long as government remains closed, but members of Congress looking to take advantage of the budget deals will find that their business is often less than welcome.

At least four eateries have announced that lawmakers are either ineligible for shutdown prices, or, in some cases, are required to pay more than the everyday prices for their food.

Top Chef star Bryan Voltaggio who owns Range on Wisconsin Ave is giving away free "Government Cheese" pizza pies to government employees with a valid ID, but members of Congress are "not eligible until you get your shit together."

At Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe on Connecticut Ave it's Happy Hour all day for everyone but Congressmen and women who will need to pay double for their drinks.

Same goes for The Daily Dish in nearby Silver Spring, where Congress pays double for coffee until the shutdown expires.

At Pork Barrel BBQ in Alexandria, a free pulled pork sandwich for every furloughed employee. Not so fast, politicos.

As Eater DC notes, these policies would be tricky to legally enforce, "but they're still funny."

[photos via AP, Facebook]