Television's most delightful occult/weird-crime/Tibetan Book of the Dead soap opera was Twin Peaks, first broadcast on ABC in 1990 and 1991. It was a magical era before all the characters stared at smart phones and websites all the time, because such things didn't exist. And now David Lynch is looking for a "HOT caucasian girl," among other Los Angeles actors, for a semi-mysterious Twin Peaks project.

And we must add an UPDATE, because this story is now being called a rumor—not by Lynch, but by Twin Peaks' co-creator Mark Frost. But here's the casting call, regarding a shoot that is supposedly happening today:

TWIN PEAKS PROMO. Directed by David Lynch. Shoots in Los Angeles on Tuesday, January 7, 2014. Prob a 6 hour or less day. Rate is 150/8. You must live in LA to submit. I don't think SAG has jurisdiction on this, so SAG and NON can submit. I have called SAG to double check this and I am awaiting a call back to confirm this though. HOT Caucasian girl – BRUNETTE OR REDHEADS ONLY to play waitress. Age 18-27. MUST have an amazing body. Busty, very period looking face. Please submit two current color photos (one body shot, one face shot), your sizes, union status and contact info to: Subject line should read: TP Promo

"Busty." "Amazing body." "Age 18-27." "Very period-looking face." This does sound like a David Lynch female character, even if it's weird to see his 1950s pinup fixation now described as being of the Early Grunge era.

It's just a six-hour shoot, so it is probably just a promo or DVD extra thing, although it would be a good time to bring back the strange misty world of Twin Peaks in 2014, exactly 25 years since the time of the original story, which took place in 1989. (There were rumors of a new ABC version of Twin Peaks, three years ago.)

The project is supposedly a promotional film for (yet another) Twin Peaks DVD set. The "gold box" set from a couple of years ago is just fine and fairly comprehensive, so what would make anyone buy another set? New footage by David Lynch, that's what!

Here is that theme song, which you will appreciate listening to once again, right now, because it will make the rest of your day beautiful and strange: