I bet thinking up two new column topics every single week is pretty hard, after a while.

Earlier this week, we pointed out that it is hard to get much anger going against gentle beta conservative David Brooks even when he has clear ethical conflicts, given the fact that all he ever seems to write about is soft-focus social science pap. (Keep in mind that Brooks is considered one of the New York Times' more intellectual opinion columnists.) For your perusal, we took the trouble of summarizing several months worth of Brooks' columns below. I believe you will learn a lot.

9/25/14: Having a routine is important.

9/18/14: Friendship is important.

9/8/14: It's important to get a moral education.

9/4/14: "We're repulsed by a beheading because the body has a spiritual essence."

8/28/14: Courage, firmness, humility, autonomy, and generosity are important.

8/7/14: It's important to be introspective but not self-absorbed.

7/31/14: Good character is important.

7/10/14: Life is like soccer, not like baseball.

7/7/14: It's important to be in a creative environment.

7/3/14: Social science findings are important.

6/30/14: Trust is important.

6/26/14: "Americans have lost faith in their own gospel."

6/23/14: Nobody's perfect.

6/16/14: Learning is hard.

6/3/14: Focus is important.

5/16/14: Wisdom is important.

5/12/14: Confidence is important.

5/5/14: Kids have changed.

5/1/14: Nothing is more important than love.

Please put this man out of his misery.

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