Dave Grohl, a man who believes that his music has the power to make grown men cry, also believes that those grown men who cry over his music should be made into a public spectacle. This is all well and good for Dave Grohl, except for when the sad men at his concerts are not crying over his very earnest rock songs, but, instead, their dead mothers.

On Sunday in Colorado, big Dave and the boys played an acoustic rendition of “Hero,” during which the Foo Fighters frontman noticed a man named Anthony weeping near the front row. Upon spotting Anthony, Grohl did a kind of I’m gonna give you a swirly you pussy but you know we’re cool right you’re not gonna tell your mom right routine, telling him, “Don’t cry, motherfucker...Are you crying right now? You’re fucking crying, aren’t you,” then inviting him on stage, singing with him for a few bars, and closing by telling him to “get the fuck off my stage, motherfucker.”

Anthony called Colorado radio station KBCO to clear things up yesterday. He admitted that the song made him “all emo,” but only because he’d just gotten back from burying his mother. What a crybaby!

From NME:

Explaining how he was feeling at the gig, Anthony said: “My mum died about six months ago and I just got back from Europe putting her in her crypt. “He (Grohl) started singing it and I felt all emo.”

Unafraid to admit he was crying, Anthony was however keen to establish the fact that he was not drunk on the night; though he may have been stoned. “I was dead sober,” he said. “I don’t drink. I might have had a little Colorado green but I’m not a drinker.”

“I was crying, I’m not afraid to cry,” Anthony added. “I started getting all teared up. I was trying to hide from him.”

Boo hoo, man.

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