Dartmouth College has placed Beta Alpha Omega on “immediate temporary suspension” following Gawker’s report on the fraternity’s publicly available list-serv, where brothers disseminated documents detailing alcohol-soaked initiation rituals (which Dartmouth believes is hazing) and exchanged standard-issue frat bro fodder about “hoes” and each other.

Following a short note reporting the suspension on the insider Dartmouth blog Dartblog, Dartmouth spokesman Justin Anderson confirmed Beta’s suspension on Friday morning:

Dartmouth has placed Beta Alpha Omega on immediate temporary suspension after an initial review of publicly available information suggesting the chapter has and is engaging in hazing activities, service of alcohol to minors, and behavior that threatens physical harm. Immediate temporary suspension means that the chapter must cease all activity, including new member activity, chapter meetings and social events, without the permission of the Director of Greek Letter Organizations and Societies, pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation.

Hazing is strictly prohibited by both Dartmouth policy and New Hampshire law. Violations of the student hazing policy will be subject to individual or organizational disciplinary action. We investigate any allegations of hazing brought to our attention, and inform the Hanover Police Department of the allegations as required by law.

The suspension arrives in the middle of Beta and other fraternities’ pledging period—beginning with “Sink Night”—when pledges attempt to prove their worth to current brothers.

[Photo via Dartmouth College]