Darren Wilson, who two days ago escaped punishment for killing Michael Brown, is going to be a father. Wilson confirmed the news during his hour-long interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday.

Wilson nodded and said yes after Stephanopoulos asked if Barbara Spradling, 37, who Wilson married last month, was pregnant.

"I'm really just a simple guy," he said after confirming the pregnancy. "That's all I am."

"We're just simple, everyday normal people," he added. "There's really nothing special about us. We're just normal people."

Wilson also described how he lived in hiding after killing Brown. "You are always looking to see if someone is following you or has noticed you," he said. "I grew a beard, it was uncomfortable but it helped. You take precautions, where you sit in a restaurant, where you drive."

When Stephanopoulos asked about turning the aftermath of Brown's death into "something good," Wilson said he'd like to become a teacher.

"I'd love to teach people. I'd love to give people more insight on the use of force."