Mike Brown is dead. Darren Wilson is a husband for the second time.

According to various news reports, Wilson—the Ferguson, Mo. police officer who shot unarmed teenager Mike Brown six times, killing him in the street—quietly married his second wife, Barbara Spradling, a fellow Ferguson officer, on October 24. The two were wed in Clayton, Mo., a suburb of St. Louis, in what appears to be a private ceremony officiated by one of Wilson's lawyers, Greg Kloeppel, and a municipal judge, Christopher Graville, from Oakland, Mo.

Here, via the Times, is the marriage certificate:

Wilson, 28, and Spradling, 37, own a home together in Crestwood, another suburb of St. Louis, though they have reportedly not been spotted there since Wilson killed Brown.

Unlike Wilson's first wife Ashley, who posted the above wedding photos to her Facebook account, Spradling doesn't appear to be very active on social media. The one notable exception is what appears to be her Pinterest page, which features a recent board called "wedding ideas."

If, and when, the two have a reception is certain to be impacted by Wilson's legal fate, and on that front reports suggest that an announcement of a grand jury's findings about his case will be announced imminently.

[top images via Facebook]