Here’s an abstract from a student conference at the Technical University of Denmark, located just north of Copenhagen. As you can see, DTU students are full of ideas for sustainable ways to improve the campus, including fiber optic oh hey look that’s a link to a “facesitting” porn video.

Someone (apparently a DTU student) posted the above screenshot on Reddit Wednesday night, along with a photo of the printed abstract collection (trigger warning: thumbs).

UK tabloid Metro described the abstracts as “lecture notes” from “a class in fiberoptics for networks” and suggested a lecturer probably put the porn link in as a prank. That makes very little sense, though, considering they also contacted the university and got this statement:

“DTU has published a collection of abstracts for an internal innovation and sustainability competition a week ago. In one of the abstracts someone – maybe a person who wanted to make a practical joke – has inserted a link to an adult site on the internet. And unfortunately this link wasn’t caught in our proof reading process. DTU is very sorry for this. Now the abstract collection has been corrected and the link has of course been removed.”

These are not lecture notes, and the “practical joker” (uh huh, sure) is probably a student.

The original poster of the photo also linked to the online version of the abstract collection, but that’s since been taken down.

The porn video, “K Facesits R,” is still up, but it’s now password-protected (seems like K and R didn’t intend for their video to get so much attention). According to redditors who have seen it, “R” is a man with his dick in a “chastity cage,” and K is a woman “riding his face.”

It’s not clear whether either of them is excited about sustainable fiber optics.