Daniel Radcliffe, the boy who lived through playing Harry Potter and continued to have an acting career, is his own worst critic. He told the Daily Mail on Sunday that growing up onscreen as the star of the highest-grossing movie franchise of all time was "an incredible blessing," but didn't do much for him as an actor.

"The moments I'm not as proud of, mistakes other actors get to make in rehearsal rooms or at drama school, are all on film for everyone to see," he said.

And he didn't stop there. He's seriously hard on himself because, he says, he doesn't trust others to be straight with him about his work.

"It's hard to watch a film like Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, because I'm just not very good in it. I hate it," he continued.

"My acting is very one-note and I can see I got complacent and what I was trying to do just didn't come across. My best film is the fifth one because I can see a progression."

But Radcliffe is starting to see a light at the end of the Potter tunnel. With his stage performance in The Cripple Of Inishmaan and his recent role in the big-screen adaptation of Joe Hill's Horns, he says "the debate as to whether I can do things outside of Potter is near to ending."

Being taken seriously as an actor hasn't put an end to jealous guys trying to fight him at the pub, though. Hashtag #hundredmillionaireproblems.

[H/T Guardian, Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures]