Oh man, I thought I’d seen some cool cats. Like some really cool ones. I realize now how wrong I’ve been, because this cat—wow—this cat is really something else.

Just an extraordinarily chill animal. Like Weekend at Bernie’s-level chill.

Like I bet if you and the cat lived on a houseboat and you got in too deep with some outlaw bikers and the bikers figured out the crystal you sold them was actually just an ounce of rock candy you bought at Cracker Barrel and then the bikers firebombed the houseboat, burning the comic he’s been working on since 2008, the only photograph of his father and his complete set of Limited Edition Alpha Magic cards, he’d be like:

“Hey, man, it’s cool. It’s only stuff, right?”

Damn, dude, this cat is cool as hell.

[Image via YouTube//h/t Tastefully Offensive]