Good gracious! America's always enjoyed a tasty bird—and that hasn't changed a bit! In fact, Americans are gobbling down that chicken—now more than ever! Man alive!

Beef prices are at record highs. So are pork prices. What to do if you're an American? Eat more chicken! Or as that Chik-fil-A billboard always says in the voice of a cow: "Eat mor chikin." Love it!

Just look at these facts from a Bloomberg story—facts about chicken!

With whole birds at U.S. supermarkets selling at half the per-pound cost of beef or pork, Americans will eat the most chicken in three years, while tight supply and high prices send red-meat demand to an all-time low, government data show...

While the rallies are boosting profit on all meats, chicken will be the "clear winner" this year, according to Tyson, the largest U.S. meat processor. "It's the cheapest protein, or less-expensive protein," Donnie King, president of the company's prepared-foods unit, told analysts on Feb. 27.

Can't afford that beef? Can't afford that pork chop? Eat chicken! Americans are like: "Way ahead of you, pal! We already are!"

Cheapest protein? More like delicious protein! Funky chicken? Into America's belly!

Eating chicken is in!


[Photo: Flickr]