Photo: AP

Shocking news out of Argentina’s seething, sweat-streaked strip club of a country—the woman who led Obama in a sultry tango last week at a State Dinner had been expressly forbidden from rubbing her harlot body against him, and she did it anyway.

“It wasn’t in the protocol. To tell you the truth, it was forbidden for me to ask him to dance,” the Daily Mail quotes the dancer, Mora Godoy, as saying.

Obama, who initially refused her request, finally succumbed to her dark seduction, engaging in a frankly delightful performance, in a forced participation at a matinee production of Cabaret sort of way. Except, the Mail warns:

What President Obama may not have known at the time is that Ms Godoy previously appeared on the July 2006 cover of Playboy, and was fully nude in an accompanying spread.

For shame.