Olivia Lake, the baddest bitch in Poway, Calif. (source: her mom) celebrated her 18th birthday Friday night with a Playboy Mansion-themed party that took "a small army of sheriff's deputies" to shut down.

Deputies described the scene at the Lake house as a 150 or 200-person rager with passed-out teenage boys, scantily-clad girls in lingerie and bunny ears, and copious underage drinking. Also at the party was Liv's dad, medical marijuana attorney Jeff Lake. He was arrested for allowing his daughter and her partially-clad, underage friends to drink, according to San Diego's 10 News. He faces up to 6 months in prison if convicted.

No word on whether Cool Hefner Dad was dressed in a smoking jacket, but that's Liv with the pipe in the photo above.

It's not clear whether Lake's mom, Jacki, was at the party, but she posted a message of support for her bad bitch offspring on Facebook the next day: "Bottom Line: Happy 18th Birthday, Liv!"

[h/t Daily Mail, Photos: 10 News]