You may have seen this floating around online: A "4th grade Science Quiz" attributed to a "private religious school in South Carolina" that rewards students for answering "false" to statements such as "the earth is billions of years old" and "dinosaurs lived millions of years ago."

Well, Snopes did some, well, snooping, and learned that the quiz borrows its title from a kids DVD produced by the Young Earth creationist Christian apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis, and that there is a second, even more alarming page to this so-called "science quiz."

A letter sent in to Snopes by a person claiming to be the concerned father of the 10-year-old test-taker contained page 2 of the quiz, which, for example, considers the correct response to "the next time someone says the earth is billions (or millions) of years old, what can you say?" to be "were you there?"

The unidentified dad tells Snopes that he was unaware his daughter was being taught fake science until she suddenly blurted out "were you there?" in response to a radio ad for an educational exhibit that started out by saying dinosaurs roamed the earth 65 million years ago.

The anonymous father insists the school, which is located "north of Greer" is great for "reading, writing, and math," but not so much for science, as it turns out.

Not wanting to cause any trouble for his kid, he says he plans "to be vigilant...about her science teachings" for the rest of the year, and then expose the school's name in June.

"She will not be attending the school next year," he concludes.

[H/T: JoeMyGod, images via Snopes]