A Tennessee father was arrested last week after objecting to a school policy prohibiting him from picking up his children on foot ahead of parents picking their children up by car.

Footage recorded last Thursday by Jim Howe's fiancée shows the father of two trying to reason with South Cumberland Elementary's School Resource Officer Avery Aytes by explaining to him that it makes no sense for him to wait behind a mile-long line of cars just so he can walk his kids home.

Apparently agitated by Howe's decision to involve the Cumberland County Sheriff, Aytes, who is also a Sheriff Deputy, threatened to arrest the man.

"I'm going to call some help down here and we're going to take you up to the jail right now," he says at the start of the video. "I'm not putting up with this today."

Howe continues to try and calmly convince Aytes that the policy is too strict and possibly illegal, but Aytes cuts him off and arrests him.

Local ABC affiliate WATE reached out to Sheriff Butch Burgess, who said he doesn't need to see the video "because it won't tell the whole story" and "Aytes was just doing his job."

Nonetheless, Burgess agrees with Howe and other irate parents that the policy is creating more safety concerns than it is addressing.

Though he feels parents should take their issues with the policy directly to school officials, he conceded that "the school system needs to realize you can't make a black and white law."

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