A new proposal by the D.C. Department of Health will make people who want a tattoo or piercing wait 24 hours before they are allowed to do so.

The regulation, which is stricter than some gun laws, makes a tattoo parlor customer request a tattoo or piercing and then return more than 24 hours later to get the piercing or tattoo done.

The Health Department says that "the new proposed regulation will stop impulse tattoos." It goes on to also explain that some people regret getting tattoos the next day. It is completely oblivious to the fact that the entire industry is based off of people getting things done to them they later regret, but must wear as a testament to their inebriation.

"Over-regulation is the killer of any profession," says D.C.-based tattoo artist Paul Roe.

D.C. only began to regulate tattoo parlors last year, and might soon have the strictest rules of any state state-like place. Anyone under 18 would also be barred from getting a tattoo or piercing.

Expect a rush on drunken #YOLO tattoos before the regulations take effect.