Remember the attractive teen who got arrested last November for allegedly dealing prescription drugs? (Fuck what you heard: her mugshot was cute.) Well, "mugshot dime" Alysa Bathrick was picked up for a second time last week.

Bathrick, 18, was charged Friday with shoplifting in Raleigh, N.C., ABC 11 reports. The alleged theft occurred January 26. Her new mugshot, above, is still cute, and conveys the same insouciant charm and don't-give-a-fuck eyebrow game as her previous work.

Cute Mugshot Girl was cocky about her last arrest, tweeting her own booking photo and telling people on Twitter she'd been busted for "Xanax, homie." This time, Bathrick hasn't said anything about her arrest online, just retweeted this:

Correction: These mugshots are actually from an assault arrest in 2012 (left) and another incident in 2013 (right), according to the New York Daily News. Bathrick's latest one, from last week, is now at the top of the post. She appears calm and her eyebrows are still on fleek. I apologize for my previous, mistaken suggestion that they were not.

[h/t Uproxx, Photos via Wake County]