The big-dicked murderer Richard Matt and his killer buddy David Sweat originally planned on escaping to vibrant, scenic Mexico after their daring prison break earlier this month, according to New York governor Andrew Cuomo. The duo’s scheme allegedly fell apart when Clinton Correctional Facility employee Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell failed to pick them up outside the prison. Tillie!

During his interview on the Capitol Pressroom, Cuomo said Sweat had “relayed some information” about his escape and time on the run after his arrest yesterday afternoon.

Most notably, Sweat allegedly said that he and Matt parted ways about five days ago, in part because Sweat thought Matt was slowing him down (I wonder why...).

The investigation into Mitchell and Gene Palmer, the other Clinton Correctional Facility employee who allegedly helped Sweat and Matt escape, is on-going, Cuomo added.

Matt was killed by police on Friday. Sweat was shot and arrested yesterday afternoon, ending the longest manhunt in New York state history. He is currently in stable condition.

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