Just as the Pope was touching down in New York City on Thursday, Donald Trump was peeking his feathered head over a railing to a rousing chorus of boos.

The New York Timeslive blog of the Pope’s arrival included this gem at the end of a story about the crowd waiting for the Pope near St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan, where the pontifex is expected to celebrate Mass.

But there were boos, too, when the man whose name graces the Trump Tower, his head as recognizable as the pope’s, walked out into the crowd, grinned and waved.

Reporters lined up near Trump Tower to see the Pope tweeted similar reactions:

The boos may be a reaction to Trump’s comments last month during an interview with CNN. When asked what he thought of the Pope’s categorization of capitalism as “a real avenue to greed, it can be really toxic and corrupt,” Trump, as he is wont to do, said that he’d tell the Pope, “I’d say ISIS wants to get you.”

While Trump was being booed in his gilded tower, Pope Francis’ plane arrived at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, where he was met with greetings from Church officials and local Catholic school children. Despite only having one lung, the 79-year-old pontiff looked sprightly as he bounced down the stairs and onto the carpeted tarmac.

[Image via AP Images]