Crossfit is an exercise program with pluses and minuses. On the plus side, it really will get you in good shape. On the minus side, its adherents sometimes resemble intolerably intense cultists, and also, it turns out, it's run by extreme libertarians who enjoy sharing pro-capitalist philosophies, to go with your squats.

Far be it from me to suggest that an exercise program focus on exercise. Different people respond to different types of training. Some people respond to distance running, or bodyweight movements, or powerlifting workouts; others respond better to, uh, rabid libertarian philosophies. Tim Mak's piece in the Washington Examiner (a week old, but hey) takes a look at the "deep libertarian ethos [that] runs through the entire CrossFit organization," (“Our leadership is pretty avowedly libertarian,” says a spokesman) as evidenced by various non-fitnessy tweets Crossfit sends out now and again, such as "Minimum wage and “living wage” laws can reduce employment in several ways."

Cool. Well, again, if you find yourself best motivated by a fitness program that is very hardcore but also too expensive and full of bizarrely out of place free market rhetoric, god bless you. For the rest of you, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that there are ample free quality fitness resources online that are not accompanied by free market rhetoric. A burpee is a burpee whether or not you are reciting Cato Institute position papers aloud as you do it. Above all, please remember: motherfuckers were working out before Crossfit, and motherfuckers will be working out after Crossfit, and you do not, under any circumstances, need to pay a nickel to Crossfit—nor read their Twitter feed!—in order to work out.

God bless America.

[h/t to Matt. Photo: Crossfit Fever/ Flickr]