New information emerged Wednesday about the mysterious murder of an Orlando-area CrossFit gym owner. Monday evening, a gunman walked into the CrossFit Mosaic in Winter Garden, Florida and fatally shot 33-year-old Richard Millsap.

At the time of the shooting, Millsap had been leading a class of eight people, but the suspect ignored them, firing only at Millsap. The eight witnesses provided statements to police, though most accounts were redacted from the report provided to the Orlando Sentinel.

“The man walked inside with his hands in his pockets,” one witness said. Another witness reportedly chased after the gunman, who managed to escape in a getaway car. No motive has been released, though police say it appears that Millsap was specifically targeted.

Wednesday afternoon, the Orlando Sentinel reported Millsap narrowly avoided a similar shooting in October 2012. According to police records obtained by the paper, Millsap was on his way home from a basketball game when a man that had reportedly followed Millsap from the game pulled up next to him and opened fire. Bullets struck Millsap's rear window and left passenger door, but he was uninjured. At the time, Millsap told police he had no enemies and couldn't think of a reason why someone would target him.

In April 2012, Millsap was charged with battery and sentenced to one year probation after a fight at a pizzeria, though police have not connected the fight to either shooting.

Millsap opened the gym in March, reportedly as a place where everyone could workout, even if they couldn't afford it. He'd previously worked as an assistant for an NBA player, believed to be former Orlando Magic guard DeShawn Stevenson. According to comments on CrossFit Mosaic's Facebook page, Millsap had two children. His wife, Karen, posted a message to the page on Tuesday.

Thank you everyone.... This is very overwhelming but it's amazing to have such a community of support in crossfit. Richard was the true embodiment of "sleep, eat, WOD". For him, crossfit meant "getting fit to carry the cross".... And he was perfect when God rested his soul. Please contact Jeremy at CrossFit Armor, who is coordinating a wod in his honor. God bless – karen

[Image of Millsap and his wife via Facebook]

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