The terrifying incident that took place over the weekend started as most nightmare scenarios often do: With strange voices coming from inside the children's bedroom.

Marc Gilbert's two-year-old daughter Allyson was asleep in her room when an "eerie voice" suddenly came on her baby monitor.

"Wake up you little slut," the creepy man said, according to Gilbert.

Before the Texas father of two had a chance to disconnect the monitor, the hacker, who had a "British or European accent," managed to hurl a few more expletives, calling Allyson a "fucking moron" and Gilbert's wife Lauren a "bitch."

Gilbert said he knew the hacker had seized control of the baby monitor's webcam when he noticed it was following them around the room.

"It’s somewhat of a blessing," Gilbert told ABC News, referring to the fact that Allyson is deaf and that her cochlear implants had been turned off at the time.

Ethan, the Houston couple's three-year-old son, also slept through the commotion.

But Gilbert couldn't help but wonder if this had truly been a one-off hack. "It’s quite possible that this had been going on more than one day," he said.

In the KTRK comments section, Gilbert responded to critics who accused him of bringing this on himself by leaving the router unsecured.

"The router was password protected and the firewall was enabled," Gilbert wrote. "The IP camera was also password protected."

As for the device Gilbert claimed the couple "almost couldn't live without" — it will remain permanently unplugged.

"I don’t think it ever will be connected again," he told ABC. "I think we are going to go without the baby monitor now."

[H/T: BetaBeat, screengrab via KTRK]