In an effort to simplify your morning routine, the inventors at Colgate-Palmolive have filed a patent for technology for regular toothbrushes containing chemicals that would slowly be released into your mouth as you brushed.

The chemicals include:

  • Flavors like apple and lemon
  • "Capsaicin, found naturally in chile peppers," which would be used to create a warming senstation, or "a tingle, a hot or warm massage"
  • Something that causes cooling sensation (represented by a cute little snowflake)
  • Caffeine
  • Medication
  • Benzocaine, "to be used for pain relief from teething or gum irritation in infants or children"
  • Appetite suppressants for "for weight loss treatment"
  • Painkillers

Here's what the patent has to saw about giving warnings regarding the toothbrush's upcoming secret powers:

"In each case, associated visuals may be present communicate the beneficial effect, such as the representation of a throbbing tooth for benzocaine, a human figure with a slimming waist line for the zo-caine types of medicine or an “Rx” symbol for pain relief medication."

The patches would last about three months, and would disseminate the chemicals slowly throughout that time. This new group of complicated toothbrushes could be crucial time-savers or more likely, things that cause a series of unintended consequences.

[image via Andrey_Kuzmin/Shutterstock]