A Phoenix woman is charged with conspiracy to commit bestiality after posting a woman-seeking-horse ad on Craigslist.

Maricopa County sheriffs tracked down 22-year-old Donald Waelde while investigating a missed connection looking for a horse to play with and offering to "do something in return."

Cops arranged an uncover meet with the poster of the ad, who told them specifically what type of horseplay she was into. When they showed up at the agreed-upon location with the agreed-upon horse—oh, the things police posse horses put up with in the line of duty— they met Waelde.

She's now in custody, and police have executed a search warrant on her Phoenix home.

Bestiality has been illegal in Arizona since 2006, and Maricopa County has investigated four Craigslist animal sex cases over the past three years.

Correction: Waelde is a transgender woman. This story originally erroneously referred to her as "him," based on the gender listed in her public records. Here's the original Craigslist ad, which was posted in the "women seeking" section and makes her preferred gender clear.

[Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff]