Was a coyote sending a calculated message to tri-state area humans this weekend when he snatched a small dog out of a backyard and presumably tore it apart with his sharp teeth? I’m not a coyote and I don’t profess to understand how they think, but if you held one to my head my answer would be, “Yes, this is possible.”

The chilling, brazen attack reportedly took place last week in Randolph, New Jersey—a township about an hour outside of New York City, if we’re talking about a very fast coyote. Via NJ Advance:

Police say a coyote attacked a township Yorkshire terrier, then ran off into the woods with the dog in its mouth — and so far, neither has been found.

Police responded to a residence on Doby Road late Tuesday and were told by the homeowner that at about 10 p.m. the Yorkie, which had just been let outside into the backyard, was attacked, police said. According to an incident report released in response to a public records request, the Yorkie was named Bo.

And experts say it’s going to get worse—much worse. So bad that authorities aren’t even going to try to help the victims. Apparently they consider it an exercise in futility.

According to NJ Fish and Wildlife, this is the time of year when coyotes give birth, and generally act more aggressive. They also stated that it is not uncommon for pets to come in contact with a coyote at this time of the year. Based on this, NJ Fish and Wildlife did not respond to the scene.

Based on this, NJ Fish and Wildlife did not respond to the scene.

Wake up sheeple. Looks like we’re going to have to save ourselves.

[image via NBC]