Farmer Derek Klingenberg is also a musician, and he's found an unconventional way of calling his heifers in from the fields: He plays them pop songs on his trombone. Here's his performance of Lorde's "Royals" from Sunday morning.

Human audiences—and even Lorde—may be tired of it by now, but it's new to cows. And they love it.

"I've been going out there the past week to "cube" the cattle. We feed them a treat so it is easier to gather them when we round them up later this week. ... Yesterday morning was so beautiful. I left very early in the morning. There is something wonderful about playing a trombone in the middle of a prairie to 380 heifers," Klingenberg wrote on Facebook.

Just wait until they hear the Weird Al parody. It'll blow their bovine minds.

[H/T Reddit]