Can you put a price on Courtney Love’s mental health? As it turns out, yes you can, and it’s astronomical.

Via Page Six, Love’s doctor is suing her, claiming she racked up $48,000 worth of therapy without bothering to pay for it—a rude habit that, if true, sounds like something you might want consult a therapist about.

Why so expensive? It’s unclear how many sessions Love defaulted on, but the therapist—Dr. Edward Ratush—reportedly offers his patients somewhat unconventional treatments:

The Rutgers University-trained psychiatrist isn’t shy about alternative therapies: He offers trans-cranial magnetic stimulation — magnetic fields that stimulate nerve cells in the brain — and is “interested” in “spiritual interventions” for addicts, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The profile also says Ratush “looks forward to his involvement in research using psychedelic drugs to treat addiction.”

So basically Courtney Love has a doctor willing to give her LSD—without paying any money! Sounds like she’s truly living her best life.

[image via AP]

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