Court documents filed Thursday in the prosecution of former Bernie Madoff secretary Annette Bongiorno describe a love-triangle between Bernie Madoff and at least one of his employees.

"One of the defendants was in a love triangle with Bernard Madoff himself," the papers said. They went on to describe an office environment where "a number of Madoff Securities employees and customers - including expected witnesses, defendants and others - were engaged in romantic or sexual relationships," with one another.

While defense attorneys representing Bongiorno and four other Madoff employees (who are all being tried in connection to Madoff's Ponzi scheme) were mystified by the allegations, the prosecution intends to describe, in detail, exactly how naughty things got at Madoff Securities.

An earlier lawsuit began to paint a sordid picture of Madoff, who had a love of prostitutes and strippers. A court document from 2009 reads, "Madoff's affinity for escorts, masseuses and attractive female employees was well known in the office culture, and certain feeders were allowed to participate in the conduct."

Madoff would even send two of his employees up to Harlem to buy cocaine for the sex parties, where, the 2009 documents allege that "employees had late night affairs in exciting places - such as their boss' sofa 'with whomever they could find.'"

So which of his employees was Madoff involved with? Was it his secretary Bongiorno, who helped run the secretive "17th floor" where Madoff kept his cooked books, or office worker Joann Crupi, who lives with a female partner and has two adopted sons?