Jeremi Lorenti and his buddy were driving down the street when they suddenly came upon a skunk wandering in circles with a cup stuck on its head. Sure, they could have driven on, but compassion compelled them to stop and save the poor creature from becoming just another roadkill statistic.

While his friend stayed behind to film, Jeremi made a valiant effort to lead the skunk away from traffic, and even attempted to flag down a police officer ("He told me animal control wasn't available at the time and "good luck'").

After witnessing the skunk nearly get run over and then following it around for a while with a blanket for protection against any sudden stinks, Jer decided to invest it all in a single act of bravery.

He grabbed hold of the cup and yanked it with all his might until the skunk was finally free.

No doubt they'll be getting a call from Disney any day now.

There's an amusing epilogue to this heartwarming tale of heroism:

[A]bout 20 minutes later on our way back from the store, we were going through the parking lot near where we freed it, and saw it (possibly the same skunk) walking in the middle of the parking lot lane, and we almost hit it. Luckily I was paying more attention than the car that drove over it in the video ha.

[H/T: Reddit]