A couple of people, John Mayer and Katy Perry, will sure be monopolizing a lot of their friends' time in the coming weeks in manners that will be acceptable at first and then quickly become annoying ("No, I can't get a massage right now. I'm at work. I'm not being curt.") because they have reportedly just broken up after roughly two years of intermittent courting.

Last December, the couple sat down for a stiff joint interview on Good Morning America, where they seemed as in love as two paper clips in separate boxes being sold in different stores. John Mayer said the word "fucking," which is not allowed (on Good Morning America).

Mayer and Perry have broken up numerous times since stepping out publicly in 2012, most recently around this time last year. But like a boring perennial you didn't plant and never water (coneflower), their love just keeps reviving itself, putting on a big garish show for no one at the edge of the vacant lot that is our consciousness.

The couple have yet to allude to the break-up rumor on Twitter, where they are very popular.

Mayer once compared his penis to "a white supremacist."

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