A crazy Maury episode played out in real life when a producer accidentally arranged for an extremely dysfunctional couple to stay at the same hotel the night before their taping.

John Coley,46 and Shantae McGhee-Brown, 25, were booked to appear on Maury last month to settle once and for all whether Coley was sleeping with McGhee-Brown's mother.

Although reality producers generally make an effort to keep guests separated, Coley and McGhee-Brown were booked at the same hotel and ran into each other the night before the show.

Police were called to the DoubleTree, 789 Connecticut Ave., for a report of a disturbance on the third floor at 11:45 p.m. Officers were met in the hallway by McGhee-Brown, who was dressed only in a towel and initially misidentified herself, police said.

McGhee-Brown told officers that she had thrown a vase and broken a table during a fight with her boyfriend, police said. She said that the two were slated to appear on Maury Povich's talk show, and she became upset after finding out that Coley slept with her mother, according to police. Coley was slated to take a lie detector test on the show, and the couple was supposed to be booked in different hotel rooms. At the DoubleTree, they encountered one another and began arguing.

Coley tried to tell police she had been fighting with "another John Coley" before admitting to the altercation. Both were charged with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. Neither ended up making it to the show, but at least he's not the father!