A man and woman were found dead in Glencoe, Kentucky last Thursday after they left a parked car running so they could stay warm while they had sex, WCPO reports. It was 40 degrees out in Glencoe that night. Sheriffs say the two were killed by carbon monoxide that seeped in through a small hole in the sedan’s rusted exhaust pipe.

David Long, 31, and Violet Iles, 25, apparently fell asleep with the windows rolled up and never awoke. The car had been running for 90 minutes.

Long’s brother found the car and the couple’s bodies outside his mobile home early Thursday morning as he was walking his children to the school bus. He tried to administer CPR while paramedics gave him instructions over the phone, but it was too late for the tragic lovers.

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s department said on Facebook Monday that “the couple was sleeping, not what was released,” but WCPO is standing by what Sheriff Josh Neale told them last week, noting that “no correction has been issued by the sheriff’s department.”

An incident report and a toxicology report are still forthcoming.

Iles had two young sons, 4 and 6, and Long had a daughter, according to the New York Daily News.

[Photo: WCPO]