In Bill Cosby’s full deposition from 2005, which has recently been obtained by The New York Times, Cosby admits to offering career advice, using his wealth, and even asking one young women about her dead father’s cancer as a mens of “pushing them for sex acts.” All of which he spoke about—while under oath—with “casual indifference.”

This new report appears to expand upon the recent reveal from the Associated Press that Cosby admittedly bought drugs “to use on women.”

From The New York Times:

He talked of the 19-year-old aspiring model who sent him her poem and ended up on his sofa, where, Mr. Cosby said, she pleasured him with lotion.

He spoke with casual disregard about ending a relationship with another model so he could pursue other women. “Moving on,” was his phrase.

He suggested he was skilled in picking up the nonverbal cues that signal a woman’s consent.

“I think I’m a pretty decent reader of people and their emotions in these romantic sexual things, whatever you want to call them,” he said.

Cosby apparently spent much of his time during the four day-long deposition making jokes, with one of the lawyers even saying that she believed he was “making light of a very serious situation.” Cosby replied, “That may very well be.”

According to The Times, Cosby described a number of inappropriate encounters with women, but “it is through his long and detailed descriptions of his relationship with [Andrea Constand, a young woman who worked at Temple University as a basketball manager], that Mr. Cosby’s attitudes, proclivities and approach to women are most clearly revealed.”

According to The Times:

Early on in his courtship, he arranged an intimate meal alone with [Constand] at his Pennsylvania home, complete with Cognac, dimmed lights and a fire, he said....“I take her hair and I pull it back and I have her face like this,” he said. “And I’m talking to her ...And I talked to her about relaxing, being strong. And I said to her, come in, meaning her body.”

But the two remained inches apart, he said, and he did not try to kiss her because he did not sense she wanted him to. Nevertheless, at the next dinner he said they had what he described as a “sexual moment,” short of intercourse. He described her afterward as having “a glow.”

Still, Cosby was adamant that he didn’t want Constand’s mother to consider him a “dirty old man,” which led him to instruct her to “tell her mother ‘about the orgasm’ so that she would realize it was consensual. ‘Tell your mother about the orgasm. Tell your mother how we talked,’ he said he remembered thinking.” Worried, that her family might still “seek to embarrass him,” Cosby offered to pay for the rest of her education.

Cosby, who continues to deny any accusation of sexual assault, has yet to be charged with a crime.

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