Chloe G0ins, a model whose accusations against Bill Cosby could be the first to fall within California's statute of limitations, reportedly met with LAPD officers Wednesday to discuss filing criminal charges against the television star.

Goins claims Cosby took her to the Playboy Mansion in 2008, where he allegedly drugged and assaulted her. In previous interviews, she's said she awoke to Cosby sucking on her toes.

FOX reports she spent two hours meeting with detectives, but she may not have a case.

Goins hasn't publicly confirmed the nature of the assault, which would determine whether her allegation is prosecutable, but she said in December she doesn't believe she was "raped or molested," which could doom her case.

In California, prosecutors have ten years to file rape charges, but the state's legal definition of rape requires penetration. The six-year statute of limitations for the lesser offense of sexual battery reportedly ran this summer.

[image via AP]